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North Growth U.S. Equity Fund

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Investment Objectives:

Long-term growth through capital appreciation by investing in equity securities of US high potential growth companies.

Purchases: Direct through North Growth Management Ltd. only. $150,000 investment minimum, subject to available prospectus exemptions.
Date of Inception: October 13, 1992
Team: Rory North
Lead Portfolio Manager, CEO

Erica Lau
Portfolio Manager

Cynthia Yen
Portfolio Manager

Rudy North
Chair of the Board
Client Communication: Annual Report, informal monthly reports
Load: No Load
Management Expense Ratio (MER): 1.00%
Dividend Distribution: Income and capital gains accumulated throughout the year, distributed pro rata and reinvested on December 15th.
Trustee: RBC Investor and Treasury Services
Auditor: KPMG LLP
Initial Minimum Investment: $150,000
RRSP Eligibility: Yes
Prospectus: No Prospectus