Among the lowest fund management fees in Canada

North Growth Family of Funds Management Fee
US Equity 1.00%
Canadian Equity Series N 1.00%
Canadian Money Market 0.25%

North Growth's all-inclusive management fees are among the lowest in Canada. There are no additional fees beyond the management fee. Our company absorbs all the accounting and legal expenses of the funds.

All our funds are no-load. That means that we don’t require you to pay when you buy our funds and we don’t take anything when you sell. And we don't pay trailer fees (yearly sales rep commissions) on the sale of our funds.

North Growth charges 50% less

Compare our fees to the Canadian mutual fund industry average. According to Morningstar Canada, the average management expense ratio for Canadian managed equity funds is near 2.35% (July 20, 2016). That’s more than twice North Growth’s fee of 1.00%.

Look at the difference that 1.35% difference in fees can make to your investment:

The 2.35% Management Fee Scenario

A $150,000 investment in an equity fund with an average annual return of 13% and 2.35% yearly management fee - net 10.65% return per year - would be worth $412,672 in 10 years.

The North Growth Fee Scenario

That same $150,000 investment at less than half the fee rate — 1.00% — would instead earn an 12.00% average annual return and be worth $465,877 in 10 years. A $53,205 difference.

Clearly, our low fees significantly improve investment results in the long-term. It’s all part of our mission to achieve the best results we can by focusing exclusively on fund management and helping our clients invest wisely.