A short history of North Growth Management

Rudy North started North Growth Management in 1998. After retiring from the successful company he co-founded in 1964, Phillips, Hager & North Investment Management, he wanted to continue doing two things he enjoyed most: building companies and investing in US equities.

North Growth Management Ltd. officially launched on January 1, 1998. At that time it offered one fund — the North Growth US Equity Fund — a $45m portfolio Rudy North had managed since 1992 while still a partner at Phillips, Hager & North. Today, North Growth manages four dynamic funds with more than $200m under management.

Guiding a new generation of portfolio managers

One of Rudy’s objectives in starting his new firm was to pass on his investing approach to a new generation of fund managers. This was partly altruistic and partly self-serving. Rudy knew that by passing on his investment approach, he could share 40 years of knowledge and insight while also ensuring that his money would still be invested how he wanted.

Rudy’s son, Rory North, joined North Growth in mid-1998. Rory took a leadership role and was very quickly able to visualize and implement Rudy’s ideas. With Rudy as mentor to the firm’s managers, Rory now leads a solid, young, well-guided team. He’s closely supported by Erica Lau and one other investment manager, Cynthia Yen.

North Growth’s knowledgeable investment team is dedicated to continuing the successful approach to investing Rudy adopted 40 years ago. They are his successors and are key stakeholders and they will continue to get the best results they can by focusing exclusively on a proven, successful fund management approach.