Investing with NGM

North Growth equity funds are best suited for long term investment planning, so we strongly recommend a minimum five-year horizon when investing with us.

Money you might need during that five-year period should be invested in a liquid investment like our money market fund.

We feel the mutual fund structure is the most efficient, effective, and equitable method to manage investments for clients. We therefore do not manage individual segregated accounts; this differs from many wealth management firms.

Reporting to our clients and their advisors

On our website you will find our monthly fund reports and our comprehensive annual report. These help our investors and their advisors follow our fund managers’ investment decisions and show comparative return figures. Our monthly reports are short and easy to read. The reports are our clients’ primary information source on current issues, but we encourage our clients and their advisors to call us directly if they have any administrative or investment questions. Face-to-face meetings can be arranged any time as we feel staying in touch is extremely important.

Purchasing NGM funds