Our equity investment style - Growth at a reasonable price

For Over 40 years, Rudy North has invested according to his "growth at a reasonable price" investment philosophy. This philosophy is the cornerstone of North Growth's business.

To us, "growth at a reasonable price" means investing in solid, growing companies that have reasonably priced stocks. We buy shares in companies with strong, long term growth potential but whose stocks are undervalued by the market due to a variety of short-term factors.

Identifying real growth potential

Fundamental research is critical to our fund managers’ decision making process. Solid knowledge of a company’s operations is required in order to be able to assess an organization’s long-term growth prospects. The free flow of ideas and research required to make intelligent investment decisions is facilitated by our open office format.

We steer away from stocks that are overvalued. That’s because although a company’s earnings might be expected to grow long term, valuations based on price/earnings levels can’t be expected to grow indefinitely. Records clearly show this.

Consistent application of our growth at a reasonable price style produces superior long term results.