Our Team

North Growth Management Ltd. is a Vancouver-based, independent investment management firm that specializes in equity portfolio management for high net-worth clients.

The company manages four funds: the North Growth US Equity Fund (est. 1992), the North Growth Canadian Money Market Fund (est. 1999), the North Growth Canadian Equity Fund (est. 2000, managed by North Growth since May 2003. Prospectus Fund June 15, 2012). As of January 2004, North Growth also offers RRSPs and RRIFs.

At North Growth we believe in responsible investing for the long-term. We strive to achieve superior long-term investment results by consistently applying the “growth at a reasonable price” investment philosophy developed by our founder and President, Rudy North.

North Growth’s Funds are managed by a team of four portfolio managers: Rudy North, our mentor; Rory North, the team leader; Erica Lau, key member of the team since 1998; and Cynthia Yen, who joined the company in 2003.

Our team:

Cynthia Yen, Caroline North, Erica Lau, Rachid Nayel

Rudy North, Rory North